Thursday, February 28, 2013

February 25, 2013

WOW things are speeding up every day! It does not slow down! A lot has been going on! This last week on Monday I found out that I was staying in Vestavia Hills again.   That makes 5 transfers that I have been here. I am still district leader with 13 missionaries in the district.   I am also training an 18 year old missionary that is a great missionary! He is from Benson,  Utah up by Logan and is a farmer,  so we have talked about the farm quite a bit.   He is a good kid and very humble. So tell me what my chances are of having 2 companions named Elder Johnson in a row.. Well that is his last name too haha.
  Tuesday we had zone conference that was great.   It is always good to be able to receive more training. We are using a finding tool where when we knock on the door and then we ask if we can leave the Saviors peace and blessing upon their home.   It has been working really well.  A lot of people are willing to pray with you. 
Wednesday we had transfers  and that’s when I received my new companion and also had to said goodbye to some of my good friends I have made on the mission! Its always sad to see them go home! But all missions have to come to an end!
 Friday we had district meeting and we discussed up dating the area book and how important it is to do that everyday. Could you imagine if Nephi thought, "I will just keep a few records!" We would miss out on some important items.   So our goal is to keep a good area book that will keep the work moving forward even after we get transferred and also we will be able to remember what we have already taught investigators  so we don’t keep teaching the same things over again.
On  Tuesday night I was able to interview fabiana for baptism.  He is the one I shared the story about us biking back and talking to her.    Her husband was also interviewed. Another interview was Logan and Emily.   That has been a really neat experience.   Logan is a good kid.   He is 14 or 15 and just had a change of heart one day. On Sunday we were able to witness fabiana be baptized in her native language  of portages and ramon be baptized in Spanish.   logan and emilys cousins flew in from Texas and baptized them.   He  was 16 years old.   So neat  to see! 
Heavenly Father loves his children so much! We had a really cool experience this week we were walking it with Elder Johnsons first day and we were on a main road.   We saw this man and his car was moving very slow,  he was going maybe 10 MPH on a 50 MPH road.   As we got closer, we saw he was unconscious so we were freaking out.   He was right by the off ramp of the highway and cars were flying past him.  He was drilling curbs and medians so we decided to call 911 and as we call he started to speed up.   His foot must of pushed on the gas! So we were running after the car while talking to 911 and he drilled a curb got some are and somehow stayed on the road we chased him and it seemed like a mile till he hit a curb and it stopped the car.   I wanted to go pull him out of the car but we saw a cop so we waved him over and he got fire trucks and ambulances there. Well,  we left after giving them the report and went on our way. The next day a cop talked to two other missionaries thinking it was us and told them he was having a diabetic attack and he was a former cop here in Birmingham so we felt good that we followed the spirit by calling and being able to help get help to him quickly.   Pretty exciting first day for my new companion! haha 
This weekend we will have a member of the Quorum of the Twelve; a member of the Presidency of the Seventy; a member of the Presiding Bishopric; and Elder Bluth of the Seventy with us. I'm excited about that.
 So hope yall have a great week! Thank you for all you do!

Love elder anderson

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