Monday, March 11, 2013

March 4, 2012

Family this week went good the zone activity was great on Monday it was fun to be able to get to know people in our zone a little bit better and some of their likes and where they are from. We taught the Green family that night it went well we had a member with us that was able to help us out where she is also a convert to the church. They seemed very excited and wanting to learn more. We were able to see Cori on Tuesday and she said she was ready to be baptized so we moved her date up to yesterday she was prepared and very excited. We are trying to work with more less actives they are truly a great source of finding people to teach and to help bring them back is also very exciting! We went on exchanges on Wednesday it took us 4 hours of riding the bus but we were able to get there and back Elder Emmanuel came up here to work he is a great missionary with a big heart and has an amazing story! He built my testimony a lot from what he has gone through. We were able to teach the greens that night the husband wasn’t there and the wife tmeka was not very happy that he wasn’t home to hear the lesson she said it would happen again. Cori also was interviewed on Wednesday for her baptism and passed Elder Jensen gave her the interview. Thursday we were downtown Birmingham tracted a lot of the day using the tool it was good to be able to see how others are also using the finding tool in their area. We had district meeting on Friday and we went over revelation through prayer. It went very well they all seemed to be doing well with it but we talked about how prayers need to be simple but sincere and how we can help people get out of the habit of their written out prayers.  We also were able to have some good lessons on the bus I got to talk with a man from Egypt he was very nice but was moving to New York the next day! Saturday we got everything ready for Sunday for the baptism and were able to spend a little time with some of the members that needed help on Saturday. Sunday was great to see Elder Johnson in white and all excited along with Cori they baptism went great it was done right the first time and she was confirmed by a member she happened to go to high school with so it was a great experience! Things are going well still he is a great missionary that I am learning a lot from.  That is so crazy to see Landon home! He looks great! And so does Parker! Haha he was a great example to me! I just got a call saying I will be getting 2 more sisters in our district and in our ward now also! That is 6 missionarys in one ward!!!! That’s crazy it now puts 16 in my district! That’s a lot haha but things are going great! We are in the finding process again looking for those that need the gospel! Its so great to be able to talk with people about Christ and to share our beliefs with them even if they don’t agree its nice to be able to know that we all rely on Jesus Christ as our Savior to help us though this life. Of course we want them all to convert to the Gospel so they can enjoy all the Blessing we get each and every day but not everyone will. I love this gospel! J haha just as I love yall! And hope you have a great week!!!!

Elder Anderson

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