Monday, April 15, 2013

the weeks are flying by April 8, 2013

 The week came and was gone like a racecar in Talladega Alabama! Wow can't believe how fast it went. We had Zone training on Tuesday my first one it went well. We did a roll play on how personal and companion study should be.   We changed our clothes and I was in sweat pants and a white shirt and continually  spitting sun flower seeds. We were showing how not to do it haha. Then we went over how we should do it. We went over how to find people to teach and how to commit them to baptism. We have a lot of new missionaries in our zone so it was pretty basic. Wednesday we  tried to see some people form the ward to get to know the ward a little better. We went on exchanges in Scottsboro on Thursday.   It’s a nice little town and of course I have told yall before,  but that’s where the  Unclaimed Baggage store is! And it’s insane! We went to see one of the investigators there.   Preston and Rhett are going to die in this store.   There is nothing close to any store I have ever been in ha. The exchange went well,  I was with Elder Mckay from Preston Idaho. We came back late Friday and next morning went to the church for conference! It was so good! They seem to be getting bolder every time or maybe that’s just me? I did see a few people in the Choir that I knew and yes Chase Lodder was one of them! Pretty cool! I loved President Monsons story about setting the fire.   He is so good at relating things so we understand them and can apply them in our life’s without teaching way deep doctrine. That’s something you get in the trap of doing as a missionary sometimes

is trying to teach deeper than you need to go. We went to a trail today that was pretty fun I will send a few pictures! Love yall so much!
Elder anderson

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