Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A pretty fast week

Hi Ya'll

So this week has gone pretty fast.  On Monday we taught Craton's sister's boyfriend, but he thinks that all churches are true.  Oh well, we tried.  Then we headed over to Craton's house.  He was packing for his mission.  Sunday was a little tough for me it was Craton’s farewell and we came to be pretty close friends. His dad talked then he talked and during his talk he said I just want to thank Elder Anderson and Sawyer and he started to tear up, for all they have done for me. It made me feel so good to know we were able to make an impact on him. We later went to say bye to Craton.  He is a good kid, he will do well.

Tuesday I went to Jasper.  We took the back way to save miles and that was where the last tornado came through. I was able to see where it hit. It was about 6 to 9 miles north of our house and it destroyed a lot. Jasper is the hit man city of the U.S. You can hire a hit man for really cheap there. It’s more of a country setting with a lot of land with cows and horses. I was with Elder Shaw, our district leader, and they have a 2 bed room apt up there. We got there and biked across town and it dumped rain on us like buckets! People were yellin at us sayin come stand under here! That’s one thing that’s nice here, if there is a storm, everyone no matter what will let you in cuz they know what can happen. So we stood under a porch for about 45 mins as the roads just flooded! It took 3 days for my shoes to dry out!

 On Wednesday we drove back to Bessemer and met Tina, the subway lady, and her mom and son.  Their question was where do we go after this life before heaven! I wish everyone would ask questions like that.. then that night we went out to the Reeds and taught the restoration and she understood it.   That went good.   We had elk lasagna and then he gave us 5lbs of deer jerky! mmmm so good!

 Thursday we weekly planned then went out with the Smiths. Elder Sawyer and I tried so hard to get in contact with a part member family and we never could. I felt impressed to go and try to see them. So we went out and the mom answered the door and had us come in. She has twin girls age 8 and a 10 yr. old boy not baptized.  We talked a bit and I just straight up asked her would you be alright with them being baptized?  She said yes. That’s what I want to happen! So that’s way exciting. We are going over on Wednesday night to start teaching them! Then we went to the Campbell’s and taught Ashley and showed her how everything was going to go for her baptism on Saturday. She was excited.

Friday I went on my last exchange with elder York :( he goes home on the 26th. We had a great time! Saturday, Ashley was baptized and her family came. It went really well! Then we went to the Campbell’s for pizza afterwards. That night I had a very bad head ache! It killed. People think it’s because I have allergies down here.

 For gospel principles on Sunday, we watched the restoration, the extended one. Sister Reed was crying the whole time the spirit was so strong! We are going to ask her to be baptized tomorrow!  Later we took the sacrament to Sister Ali because she wasn't at church. So that’s how my week was. Pretty good week in all. This may be my last week here in Bessemer!!! Transfer are next Wednesday, we’ll see what happens.

Love Ya'll, 

Elder Anderson

p.s.  Mom don't get mad at my picture.  I am just following in Uncle Rex's footsteps.  

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Hello Ya'll

So this week has been like a roller coaster and we have had some ups and downs. There are some weeks that people will reject everything you say and try to do and this week was one of those weeks.

Tuesday we had a district meeting and then tracted for practically the rest of the day until the Preach my Gospel class that night. At the PMG class we watched a church movie and had pizza. Wednesday we tracted for most of the day, but at lunch time we stopped by Subway to get our free sub for the week and one of the workers there said she wanted us to meet with her and her kids. We are really hoping that goes through. Thursday we studied, planned, tracted , had lunch and then set a date with T********. This is absolutely her last chance. We have been teaching her for 6 months now and we will set an appointment and she keeps blowing us off. She blew us off 2 times last week. Then we taught A****** at the church. She is doing so good. She asked me to baptize her on April 14, but I told her she should have Brother C******* from the ward baptize her, so that is what’s going to happen. It’s really exciting. Friday we tried to help a older lady who was mowing her lawn with an old push lawn mower with no motor. She had a cane too, but she told us no and that we could not help her. We then asked a lady that was washing her car if we could help her and she told us no and told us that she already had a church and then turned her back to us. It was a rough day tracting. Saturday we went with Elder and Sister Smith to visit some of the less active members and share an Easter message, then we went to a members house that had just had surgery. Sunday was a good day. Sacrament meeting was really good, then we went to the E****** for Easter dinner. That was really fun. Then Monday we just deep cleaned our house and we are just going to rest up. Tomorrow I am going to Jasper, which is about 2 hours away for an exchange. It should be interesting.

We do somewhat have a new investigator. She is part member in the ward, so that should be good. Then we are still trying to get back in contact with J********. In all, it has been a pretty decent week.

Thanks for all you do..

Love, Elder Anderson

Sunday, April 1, 2012

lifes a zoo

Well this week we have been trying to teach A***** family, but her step dad is pretty set of being a Baptist and thinks you saved by grace and not by works. We have helped him build a room in his attic, but I don't think he will be going anywhere in the church. A***** is doing great though, she went to the temple last week so that was way good.

A******* wants to be baptized on April 14th and she asked me to baptize her so that is really exciting.

Sounds like ya'll have a fun trip in Palmyra. Did you meet any of the sister missionaries? Three of the sisters that are serving there now were in my district in the MTC.

We had a multi zone meeting which was really good. I still have a lot to learn. President has been going to mega Baptist churches and speaking about our beliefs to them. This is huge

Sister H******** just received a calling to be the primary presidency as the secretary and she is really excited about that. We are headed over the Sister A**** with her for family home evening tonight.

I have been listening to Octobers general conference talks about 10 times this week. I am so excited for conference this weekend. Please watch with no distractions.

It has been really hot already here. It was 95 degrees when we went to the zoo so the heat is on its way!

We helped Brother C******** with a bbq. Not the way that it is done in the west, but a legit southern bbq. We could only help for a bit. He bbq'd about 80 Boston butt (a pork roast that actually comes from the front shoulder of the front leg) over a open flame.

It's going to be weird not going up to Howell and going on the hill for Easter. I bet it will be great weather for ya'll.

Love to ya'll

Elder Anderson