Sunday, April 1, 2012

lifes a zoo

Well this week we have been trying to teach A***** family, but her step dad is pretty set of being a Baptist and thinks you saved by grace and not by works. We have helped him build a room in his attic, but I don't think he will be going anywhere in the church. A***** is doing great though, she went to the temple last week so that was way good.

A******* wants to be baptized on April 14th and she asked me to baptize her so that is really exciting.

Sounds like ya'll have a fun trip in Palmyra. Did you meet any of the sister missionaries? Three of the sisters that are serving there now were in my district in the MTC.

We had a multi zone meeting which was really good. I still have a lot to learn. President has been going to mega Baptist churches and speaking about our beliefs to them. This is huge

Sister H******** just received a calling to be the primary presidency as the secretary and she is really excited about that. We are headed over the Sister A**** with her for family home evening tonight.

I have been listening to Octobers general conference talks about 10 times this week. I am so excited for conference this weekend. Please watch with no distractions.

It has been really hot already here. It was 95 degrees when we went to the zoo so the heat is on its way!

We helped Brother C******** with a bbq. Not the way that it is done in the west, but a legit southern bbq. We could only help for a bit. He bbq'd about 80 Boston butt (a pork roast that actually comes from the front shoulder of the front leg) over a open flame.

It's going to be weird not going up to Howell and going on the hill for Easter. I bet it will be great weather for ya'll.

Love to ya'll

Elder Anderson

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