Monday, May 6, 2013

april 30 2013

Family this week went so great! We were able to help out in the zone all week. On Tuesday we had another great district meeting with Elder Clanton training. Following we were able to get in contact with an investigator that was being taught by Elder Watt and invited her to be baptized and she said yes! That was very exciting. We met up with the Capshaw area sisters that night to teach one of their male investigators. On Wednesday Elder Crainer and I went to Fort Payne to see their  investigators and they both have baptism dates and are doing well. We had a spiritual experience.   We were at this run down trailer and there was so much noise going on lots of distractions.  This man had a child with ADD and he was bouncing off the walls and he said to us,  I just wanted some peace and to study with yall. Well I asked if we could leave a blessing upon his home. He had a kid yelling,  the ac blaring and dogs barking like crazy. As we humbly knelt down on his floor that had holes from possums and rats,  I said in the name of Jesus Christ and by his Priesthood authority I leave the Saviors peace and Blessing upon this home and it all stopped. It was so quite. His 6 year old son stopped yelling and knelt down,  the dogs stopped barking and the ac turned off. After the blessing and in between tears and laughing he said “the dogs stopped barking” I wrapped my arms around him and told him how much Heavenly Father loved him and how much I loved him. The Saviors peace was truly upon his home. We also had another amazing experience. A 14 year old boy asked for a Book of Mormon through We went and visited him and asked him why would you like to come to our church and why did you request a Book of Mormon. He said very humbly.. “your church teaches the truth and I feel the spirit.” This young boy remember the missionaries coming over years ago teaching his father and even though the father isn’t ready to come check out the church yet this young man has come 3 times and has a baptism date. Truly the Children shall lead them.( 12 And then shall the wolf dwell with the lamb; and the leopard shall lie down with the kid, and the calf, and the young lion, and the fatling, together; and a littlechild shall lead them. I was about in tears I have been having so many spiritual experiences lately and I love it!  We were also able to see some of the converts from when we both served there. On Thursday we were in Fayettville I was with Elder Scott and he is such an amazing missionary.   He is so smart and teaches well with the spirit. We were able to do a baptism interview for this coming weekend. And teach some of their progressing investigators. They seem to be doing well.   Elder Scott is a hard worker. We came back to their district meeting on Friday and had a good training lesson on being on the same level as your investigators. Saturday we were able to teach with the Huntsville Spanish B sisters.   Two of their Spanish investigators that Elder Olson was able to help with! Laura was baptized in Weatherly as well. I was shocked when we got transfer calls this morning I was not expecting Elder Olson to leave we have been working so hard and trying to do our best to help the zone but I truly know that President Holzapfel is inspired by God.
Love Elder Anderson

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