Thursday, May 30, 2013

busy month

Hi Ya'll

I am now serving up in the Huntsville Area and it covers quite a large area.  It goes from Tennessee to Georgia, but 90 percent of the area is still in Alabama.  Me and my companion have mostly been doing exchanges with other companions so help them with any of their needs, so we are not spending too much time right in the Hunstville area. Infact, I think since I have been here for the last 8 weeks, I have spent a total of 1 week in our apartment.  The other times have been in all the other areas.  I want to share just a few experiences below.

On Wednesday Elder Crainer and I went to Fort Payne to see some of the missionaries investigators there and found out they both have baptism dates and are doing well. We had a spiritual experience while we were at this run down trailer.    There was so much noise going on and lots of distractions and this man had a child with ADD and he was bouncing off the walls.  The man named Lee said to us,  I just want some peace and to be able study with yall. Well,  I asked if we could leave a blessing upon his home. He had his son yelling,  the ac blaring and dogs barking like crazy. As we humbly knelt down on his floor,  that had holes from possums and rats,  I said in the name of Jesus Christ and by his Priesthood authority I leave the Saviors peace and blessing upon this home and it all stopped. It was so quite. His 6 year old son stopped yelling and knelt down with us,  the dogs stopped barking and the ac turned off. After the blessing and inbetween tears and laughing he said “the dogs stopped barking” I wrapped my arms around him and told him how much Heavenly Father loved him and how much I loved him. The Saviors peace was truly upon his home.

 We also had another amazing experience. A 14 year old boy asked for a Book of Mormon through We went to his house and visited him and asked him why do you like to come to our church?  Why did you request a Book of Mormon? He said very humbly.. “your church teaches the truth and I feel the spirit.” This young boy remembered the missionaries coming over years ago teaching his father and even though the father isn’t ready to come to church yet,  this young man has come 3 times and has a baptism date. Truly the Children shall lead them.

 Well that leads into one of the the most spiritual experience I have had on my mission.. We got to go to the temple on Saturday  with Brother and Sister Reed. (Sister Reed was baptized a year ago)  I was so excited! We got dressed and went to the dressing room and I saw Brother Reed and the bishop and gave them a big hug, it was so good to see them again because it has been a while.  .Well as my companion and I  sat down,  Sister Reed walked in just glowing! She looked so happy! The session was great! As we then went to the sealing room,  we sat down and the sealer was Brother Einfeldt  and was the one that came to our house at Christmas time.  He asked the Reeds who the witnesses were and Brother Reed said Elder Anderson and I was so honored, but in a daze! I wasn't even sure what I was suppose to even do! haha but as I signed the certificate, I was shaking so hard  it looks like i was having a seizure haha I was so nervous,  but  the spirit so strong it was incredible.   Well the sealing was done and as I went up to tell them congrats,  Brother Reed started to hug me and started crying and said I would of never thought I would be sealed in this temple.   This is all because of the knock of the door as you followed the spirit! I was so happy! i went back to the Celestial  room and just made sure I thanked Heavenly Father for allowing the spirit to be present in my life at that right time. words cant explain that day! but I am very thankful for it! 

Time is going so fast, I can't believe that I have been out for 22 months already.  I still have so much I need to do.  Someone needs to slow time down. 
Thank you for all your love, prayers and support. 

Elder Anderson

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