Monday, February 11, 2013

January 14, 2013

Family & Friends,

As you may know, we are reading the Book of Mormon as a mission. All the missionaries are reading the same six pages every morning. I love it! It’ great! I'm glad y’all have chosen to read it with us! Elder Mauigoa and I will be going throughout the day and find ourselves talking about the pages we read. We are trying to apply them to our missionary work. I have truly seen a huge change in my understanding and reading as I have applied it as a missionary and district leader. I prepared for district meeting for a week on 1 Nephi 8 and 11. I taught these chapters applying them to our district and the mission field. I was amazed at how well it all fit together. We have a great district that loves to participate and work together to help each other with the work. Wednesday we took the bus to the north side Birmingham. (was that ever a journey!) It took almost 2 hours on the bus to get there and as we arrived we were not getting some pretty nasty looks. We arrived at the house where our appointment was scheduled and the lady answered the door and said that it wasn’t a good time. :( Elder Mauigoa and I had a lot of time to talk and plan as we waited for the bus and took the long bus ride home to our next appointment. We have been doing a lot of sifting with our investigators and a lot of recent convert work.
Elder May, Elder Jensen and I had an amazing experience on Friday. We went to see a family that loves the church but they are holding back on baptism. We read Mosiah 18 and we likened it to their family. The waters of Mormon is the baptism font and Alma is us as missionary’s and so on.   We decided to kneel after reading verse 10 and we asked the mother to pray and ask Heavenly Father if she and her family should be baptized on Jan. 27th. We invited her to say a silent prayer, pause and just think about it and when she was done and had received an answer, to then close the prayer. To which she agreed. Well, we all knelt down and waited for a couple minutes for her to close the prayer and we were all praying silently hoping she would get her answer. She said Amen and started telling us all the feeling she had received and was so excited. We will continue to work with her so she will continue to have those feeling. She has a neighbor that is not too fond of the church, but she said she won’t let him get to her anymore. Also on that same page Elder Bentley and I did that same thing with one of their investigators on Sunday in the chapel. We knelt there for 40 minutes until he closed his prayer.   Well, he is getting very close to getting his answer too. He is Spanish so I didn’t understand it all, but felt the spirit so strong! When Elder Larsen was here we biked passed this gentlemen’s wife and after passing her we were prompted to go back and talk with her. She told us she is half way through Alma in the Book of Mormon and wants to be baptized but is waiting for her husband. Please pray for these families.
 Thank you for your love and support. Y’all stay warm! Sounds like it has been cold there. :)
Love, Elder Anderson

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