Monday, October 29, 2012

A great week!!! Oct 22, 2012

Hi Yall
Well this week was great! Monday we went on an exchange and I went with one of the zoneleaders to their area in Cahaba Heights.   I was there. Tuesday was my birthday! Thank you to all of yall that sent me a letter and/or a package! Your awsome!!! :) We went to lunch and after we were almost  done eating,  this lady and her son came up to us and said,  hey we are members too and just wanted to say hello and we hope yall have a good day. So we thought  that was nice of her to come say hello! The waitress came back  10 mins later and said didn't that lady tell you she paid for yalls meals? That was so nice of her!!!! Later that night we went  to a members for dinner and help decorate their house with Halloween stuff (P man I was thinking of you) We then exchanged back that morning! Wednesday we had some great lessons with some recent converts and investigators.  Thursday we were BLESSED! We had district meeting in the morning and that was great! We then went to an appointment that fell through :( (keep in mind we are on bikes!) then from there we went to so service and help a lady move.  That also fell threw.   So we thought man,  this day is not working out!  We felt a bit down and not sure what to do. So we decided to get on the bus to ride around and I was getting so motion sick because they are so bad at driving! I I then had a thought come to my mind and we were right where we needed to be to make it happen,  so we got off the bus and walked to this guys house that we had talked to and his mom answered the door.   We talked to her for a little bit and I got another thought.   I know it was the holy ghost working through us! I asked her,  well since your son isn't here,  could we read something with you? She accepted. We sat down with her and at first we just talked a little.   She then opened up and said,  I have had a very rough week.... and so Elder Larsen and I both went to the Book of Mormon.   I went to Ether 12:27 he went to Mosiah 24:13-14.   She teared up and said those are so powerful.... I know yall were sent by God I was thinking about taking my life and yall showed up.   Thank you so much.. It was so great to follow the spirit! Then as we left we decided to start walking towards home because it was a pretty far walk.   We wondered which way to go on the road and  felt  the need to CHOOSE THE RIGHT haha so we went right and we ended up running into the investigators that appointment fell through, so we were able to see them and talk with them.   After we were finished talking with them,  some lady came up to us crying and said we need you in our lives please! She was from a part member family.   We had received a text earlier that day from our zone leaders that said we would  will find someone to set a baptism date with today.  Just have faith and let the Lord guide you. So as we were talking with her,  I felt the need to ask her why she wasn't a member.  After talking to her for a bit we ask her to be baptized on Nov 18th and she said yes! Then we started on our way home again and some guy came up to us said he always wanted a Book of Mormon.   It was great!

 Well love yall and have a good week!

Elder Gentry Anderson

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