Sunday, November 18, 2012

Halloween Party

So this week was a long one! My companion ended up being sick and we had to be in the house for 4 days!!!!! Ah, I thought we were going to die. We were going crazy! Ha but it’s all good and he is getting better and somehow our prayers worked and I'm not getting sick! So that’s great. I decided I was going to try to finish the Book of Mormon in one day and guess what!!! I got to 2 Nephi. Man was I wrong. That was way more than I thought! But I did learn things that I didn’t know from reading it last time. I always learn something new! Being stuck in a house on a mission is like being forced to watch a BYU game! Haha just messin, but for real it is not fun! We tried to make it fun but you can only do so much in a one bedroom apartment! We had the ward Halloween party here and did trunk or treat. It was kinda like they do it in Howell, but I like how our ward does the haunted house! There is a street here that they call Halloween Street and I guess there were thousands of people go there on Halloween! We didn’t get to see it, but heard it was pretty great! We have zone conference this Wednesday so that should be good.  President Holzapfel will be going over some information that he received in Florida last week so I'm excited about that. Sunday I bore my testimony and then there were two girls under the age of 8 that got up and bore their testimonies. They were so great! They said they can’t wait to be baptized and go on missions! They have a brother that’s out on a mission right now. They did a great job!
Well sorry for the lame update! 
Love y’all

Elder Anderson

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