Monday, October 8, 2012

What’s up family! What a busy week! Last Tuesday we got a text saying we needed to meet at the mission home where President and Sister Holzapfel live. It was a text to all of us including the Spanish missionaries, so we all were wondering what was going on! I was nervous and the other missionaries said they were not,  but you could tell that all of us were ha ha.  It was just so random! When we arrived to the mission home, the President sat us down with the assistance and all of the Birmingham Elders  and  told us we will be losing our cars,  so we no longer have a car starting next week.   They have bought us a bus pass and we now have to learn the bus routes when we can't ride our bikes.  It should be fun, hard,  but it will be a great finding tool to meet people we are hoping! That night we met with Erika and went over a few of the commandments. We then saw a couple other people on Wednesday.   We we able to go out with Sister Reed to lunch! It was so great to see her! She brought a non-member friend that we got to talk to about the church and she also told me she is coming out to Utah for conference and has already made plans with yall! That’s awesome! After lunch we went on exchanges.   I went to Center Point and was with Elder Thurston.   Elder Tolman trained him. We just tracted and contacted. I forgot a pair of pants so I bought a pair for 3 dollars at a thrift store! Great buy J Friday we met back up in Homewood and had district meeting.   After that,  Elder Larsen and I had the two Elders drop us off down town to see if we could make it home! And we did!  Man its going to be rough riding a bus with how motion sick I get because  they are crazy drivers! Friday night we had a couple recent converts go and do baptisms for the dead.   That was so great! Saturday we prepared for Sunday! (Saturday is a special day it’s the day we get ready for Sunday we clean our rooms and we brush our teeth, clean the font and see Erika, Trevor and Haley! We also helped a member move that morning! Sunday! Wow what a busy day! We got up at 6 am and hurried to get ready, and then got picked up a little late so we were rushing!  When you rush,  you always forget something right! Dad? J So we get to the church  and start to get the font filling and was getting everything ready.  We took pictures then went to get in white and guess what I forgot! My baptism clothes!!! Are you kidding me...  what is wrong with me! So I scrambled to find something to wear and just ended up wearing a jump suit haha. The baptisms went great! Everything went good. After church it poured rain the rest of the day.    Today we got our bus pass we are in for a ride!J hope all is going well! Thank you for the letters Mark and Mallory! Hope yall have a great week!!

Much love! Elder anderso

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