Monday, October 15, 2012

seriously... 18 years old to serve

Family and friends! are you SERIOUS 18 for the youngmen to serve! That’s AWSOME! This week went well we didn’t find new people to teach but we have been trying to get use to the bus! (man, it’s tough when they don’t come on time and break down) (they are trying to cut back, so they took some of our cars away and gave us a bus pass) but we do get to talk to a lot of people. We were on the bus one day and a lady looked at us as we were jamed packed in the bus and said, have y’all ever done anything bad before? and we were like umm.. bad as in what? and she said like do drugs or drink or anything? and at this time like everyone in the back of the bus was staring at us! so what did we do? we taught the word of wisdom to people on the bus! haha it was great! and after we gave them all cards! We took the bus to where we have district meeting and it took about 30 mins in a car and by bus it took about 1 hour 25 mins! so that will be different but at least we are being seen and get to talk with Heavenly Fathers children. This weekend was amazing! I love General Conference so much! and hearing from a prophet? nothing better! It started on Saturday with the great news of 18 for men and 19 for women to serve missions. That just shows that Heavenly Father trusts his children at such a young age! It’s amazing how much trust he puts in us, so why don’t we put more trust in him? :) There was such a strong spirit before conference even started! then when it did everyone seemed to be glowing! Before the priesthood session, one of the senior missionaries took us out to dinner. We were going to get it for him but he ended up buying dinner for us. I love our senior couples, they are so nice! President Holzapfel showed up where we were watching the priesthood session, it was great to see him. Sunday was awesome too. I could go on forever if time would allow! Today we went back to the science center. Some missionaries got us some free passes so we went with them. It was way fun! Congrats Rhett on the TD!! That’s awesome! I’m glad you got to meet the Reeds! they are so great! Well sorry not much crazy stuff this week! I’m not getting transferred and will be staying in Vestavia, so that’s good. We have a date for baptism set for the 21st of October set with Jordan. (he is Trevor and Haley’s other brother) Pretty cool!

Love y’all!
Elder Anderso

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