Sunday, August 19, 2012

Never put off a prompting

This week went by pretty quick! On Tuesday and  Wednesday we were in Huntsville for the day because  we had a meeting with the Callisters, a senior couple in the mission.  Tad Callister is his  brother and they have set up a master teaching program in the mission to help us become better teachers and also better at the scriptures.   The meetings went pretty good.   It really helps a lot to be able to be corrected and to receive help on the lessons. We came home that night and had missionary corralation at the church.

 Thursday we had a  district meeting and it rained pretty hard here that day.   We have been having some crazy weather lately here. We saw some members and set a baptism date with a dad and daughter for the 25th of this month,  but they didn't show up to church so we are going to go and see whats going on tomorrrow.  We saw the Mangolds  and they fed us some good pizza from Chattanoga. 

On  Friday we did our weekly planning and did some service.   It was a busy day with people all day long.   The Wilding boys have been going out with us and it has really helped us out a ton! We also we have a new elder with us now so we are in a trio and his name is Elder Bentz from Arizona.  We seen Jason and Maranda on Saturday and helped build a ramp for some one in the ward.   That took a while,  but turned out really good.

 Sunday we obviously had church and Elder Whipple was scheduled to speak last in sacrament meeting.   We got a text saying a lady needed a blessing and we kinda put it off because it was in the middle of sacrament meeting.  Then we got the same text from another number and then someone called us so I knelt down and prayed about it and felt like we needed to go right then,  so Elder Bentz and I took off and asked a priesthood holder to stay with Elder Whipple.  When we got to the address we were suppose to go we found out a lady had been run off the road by a 18 wheeler and her car went under the trailer.  Instead of getting crushed inside the car it  actually pushed her out.   She really shouldnt be here any more. She is going to be alright.   We gave her a blessing and we could feel the spirit was very strong.  I'm glad we were able to follow the spirit of the Lord to help give a blessing.  We should  never put off a prompting just do it!

Hope yall are doing great..  

Love, Elder Anderson

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