Friday, September 14, 2012

Hi y’all

Alright.. so this week was my last week in Fort Payne and it did go by fast!
Monday for our p-day we went to the rec center with the Wilding boys and some of their friends to play basketball.
Tuesday we had multi zone conference in Huntsville with Elder Koelliker and his wife.  Elder Koelliker is in the Quorum of the Seventy and he had some pretty great things to say. We all were asked to prepare a 5 min talk and then he was going to choose randomly people to come up and give their talks, so I was freakin out a little bit... but was not called up thankfully! We did do something pretty cool.  All the missionaries got up and bore there testimonies in one minute. Man there are so many different testimonies, no wonder we have so many missionaries, different people need to hear very different testimonies. The meeting went from 9 am until about 3 pm.
Wednesday we went to Gardendale for a bit.  I got permission to go to Bessemer for the day and see some of the people we taught. There wasn't very many of them was home though!! :( it made me sad. We did get to see the Reed’s, man what a wonderful family! They invited me to their temple sealing on May 12th. That will be a great day! :) We had alligator gumbo and it was amazing!  Then we made the long drive back to Fort Payne.
Thursday we had district meeting and went on exchanges with the district leaders for the day. We helped by serving others that day.
Friday we exchanged back and then yes, did more service :) I love service. We went to see Jason and Maranda that night.
Saturday we worked during the day and then went to the Wildings at 7 pm for hamburgers.  We talked with them and Justin and Amy. (Justin and Amy Nessen are Gentry’s cousins. They are friends with the Wilding family and drove from Texas for the Wilding boys farewell) It was so great to see them! Their girls are so cute! They are such a great family! It didn't even seem real they were here in Fort Payne. It was kinda like a dream haha.
Sunday we had church, of course and I had the opportunity to teach proper prayer language in Sunday school. Elder Wilding gave his farewell talk and did great! He will be a great missionary! After church we went to the Wildings home for a little bit. We talked and took some pictures and then the Nessen’s headed back to Texas. It was very good to see them. The Wildings have been so great to us. I am thankful that I was able to meet them and their family. We had stake priesthood that night and I said goodbye to *** Chain he is also a great guy I'm gonna miss him too! Then of course like I said I’m getting transferred so I will keep you updated! 
Thank you for the package!!! Today I have been out 13 months! pretty crazy!!! :)

Love y’all..  Elder Anderson

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