Monday, July 30, 2012

july 23, 2012 update

Hi yall
 This week we taught one of the families that there son was one of the boys we helped in baseball.   The son can speak english but the rest of the family only speaks Spanish.   Elder perkins and i went over and I basically just sat there most of the time.  He would then would give my testimony in english it went pretty good. We set a date for the 28th of July for them to be baptized and they said yes,  but they first need to learn more they said.
 Tuesday I was with Elder Perkins.   They got there visas so they were showing us where the investigators they were working with live. We then had dinner a familys house that made us gautamulin  kind of food.  I was really nervous,  but it was pretty good.! 
Wednesday we went to one of the part member families homes and had a lesson.   Jermey came with us and it went good.  He is still not ready for baptism yet though.   He said he still needs to receive his answer.
 Thursday we had  our weekly planning and then we tracted for a bit.   We saw Chris and his family.  They are the ones from the baseball team.   We taught them the restoration. The spirit was very strong as Elder Perkins gave the account of the first vision.  Chris was actually saying it with him so it was a cool experience. We then had dinner at a members house and then our corrilation meeting.
 Friday we had district meeting and one of our zone leaders Elder Schawrting taught the meeting.   It went well.   He is really good at all he does and knows a lot about the gospel. He is from Long Island New York. He talked about dead works which sometimes means going through the motions. It was a good one to be at.
 Saturday we did service for a referral that  we received out in Rainsville.   He is a non member, but his son served a mission and was a bishop and is now a Dr.  in texas. Ben is the father and his house got hit by the tornado.   We went and helped him pull nails out of boards and clean some stuff up. They then made us some good deep fried chicken,  okra,  corn and all that good stuff that came right out of the garden. Then we went to Jason and Marandas and read the Book of Mormon with them.   They just finished with 2 nephi! yay! 
Sunday we had church of course then after the other elders started packing up all there stuff to go to Argentina.    Elder Whipple and I saw some members.   We came home and everything was all packed up. We took them down to the Birmingham on Monday morning.  Transfers were this week, but Elder Whipple and I we will be here for another 6 weeks.
 Hope yall have a great week!
 love you so much
Elder Anderson

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