Monday, July 9, 2012

hot hot in Alabama

Well this week has been hot!!!!! They said it is never this hot till end of August,  but it was over 103 for 3 straight days with the humidity! The heat index got up to 112 one of the days..

 So Monday the baseball team won.  They were down by a few runs,  but then they started to get it together and let  Shane pitched and they ended up going into extra innings and ended up winning. When we came back home,  there were police boats and scuba divers out in the lake by our apartment. Come to find out someone drown and they couldn't find his body. Later on in the week they did find his body about a mile down the lake from where they last saw him sad...

 Tuesday we tracted all day and then the team had another game that we went to that and they lost.. so now they are out. The good news is we gave another book of mormon to someone else that asked for one,  so that was good. 

Wednesday we got up at 5 am and got to go to the Temple! I love the temple.   It was great to be able to go and feel the spirirt with a room filled with missionaries! We saw brother Bush from Bessemer at the temple cutting the lawn with some boys from Bessemer.   He  took us out to lunch to Hamburger Heaven and it was pretty good!

 Thursday Elder Perkins and I  went out  tracting and it was so hot!  We had some good lessons and found 2 potential investigators,  so we will see where that goes. I forgot my planner at the house so sorry I'm  winging it from memory!

 Friday was just another day of heat and tracting. We had district meeting over the phone because everyone was out of miles on their cars. 

Saturday we were in Collinsville and it was another way hot day on the bikes until Elder Whipples chain on his  broke off.  We then we had to walk all the way back to the car it wasn't very fun haha.

 Fast Sunday was yesterday and we talked to John and had him pray during the sacrament  We then asked him to read a story from the Ensign and pray about the 14th of July and he said he would,  we are really hoping for that!  We had a pretty good storm last night that was needed because  everything is dying because of the heat. The new elders thought the lighting and thunder was pretty sweet!

 Well I love yall so much and have a good 4th of july. 

Happy Birthday Markell! love yall!
Elder anderson

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