Monday, January 23, 2012

Tornado Fun

Hi yall,

What a crazy night last night was. We really didn't get any sleep at all. So here is what happened, and there is no need to be scared, because the Lord is with us and will protect us. So when we were in church yesterday, one of the members said right as we were leaving to be careful because there is a big storm coming in from Texas and it could possible hit around 9:00 p.m.. We received a call later that night from the AP's and they said to watch things closely. It was pouring rain and lightening so bad, I promise you, you have never seen a lightening storm like they have here, we noticed that our neighbor had their tv on, so we said a prayer that they would let us in (where we didn't have a tv) and we ran out the door to go to their house. We knocked and we were so happy they let us in. The news said the tornado's were headed straight for Hueytown and would hit in about 15 mins. We ran back to our house, I grabbed our scriptures, journal, 72 hr kits and blankets and we jump in our car to head for the church. As I was driving, a member called to ask where we were, we explained we were headed to the church, he told us to drive as fast as we could and not stop for anything. That is what I did, I ran right through stop signs and stop lights and was speeding to the church. As soon as we got to the church, we ran inside and the Bishop text us and told us to take cover. We ran to the baptismal font and jumped in and just waited it out. It was about 3:30 in the morning. We stayed there until about 5:30, then we looked outside and it was still raining, lightening and thundering and the wind was still really blowing hard, but no more tornado's. We were able to go back to our house. We then found out that the tornado turned at the last minute and missed our house only by about 6 miles. I know that Heavenly Father was protecting us. It was pretty crazy, I never thought I would be that close to a tornado. I am really hoping now that we will get to help all those who lost their houses and have damage. Don't worry about me, I am in the hands of the Lord.

Love yall

Elder Anderson

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