Monday, January 16, 2012

Destruction from the April 2011 tornado's

Hi Yal

I started reading the Book Of Mormon again and I am marking everything that has to do with Christ. It is so sweet. I also really like Nephi 11 when Nephi is
seeing all the visions. Its so sweet to me how much faith he had and then to see the things he saw that would happen thousands of years later. It amazes me.

Last night we had a conference call with President and he talked about the baptisms this last year and the increase we have had and how we have doubled it this year. He also talked about the elections and how it is a golden time to be a missionary. Having 2 returned missionaries running for the President of the United States and how much the media is helping us. So many people are curious about the church. He said that things are going to start getting intense, but as long as we have faith and the promise of Heavenly Father in D&C that if I open my mouth, he will give me the words to say in that very hour.

President and sister Einfelt (that came to visit you) just got back to Alabama and they said they really loved visiting with you all. We had lunch with them at the Campbells (miriams house) because her brother was home from the Navy for a few days. His parents really want him to go on a mission, so they asked us to tell him why we came on our missions. I was talking about our amazing family and was pretty emotional explaining to him that I wanted to share with others they can be together with their family's forever too. He was crying and pretty emotional. I really home he will choose to serve.

So transfers are on the 1st and I really think we will be split up this time.

Have you talked or seen Chase? When you do, give him a big hug and tell him he needs to write me.

Janet sent a letter for sister Heapworth, I dropped it off to her husband. I haven't heard anything yet, but that was so nice of Janet to take that time to do that.

I hope yall have a good week. ""THERE IS NOTHING WORTH MORE THAN THIS DAY"" Goethe

Love yall.. Elder Anderon

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