Monday, January 7, 2013

another great week

Family and friends! Hello! This week has been great we have been working with (Tj) ** an investigator that we met that is a cousin to a member in the ward we are teaching him and are working on having his cousin (Freddy) ****** baptize him as he continues to progress! We are also teaching (jasmine) ******* she has a baptism date set for this Sunday we are going to make sure that she is completely ready to make that convent though but she should be ready! We have been teaching her for a couple weeks now but she has been taught before. We have also been teaching (misty) ***** still and she was baptized on Sunday! We got to attend the temple on Wednesday! And I loved every minute of it I wish I could go to the temple everyday! They had a nativity scene set up outside I will send pictures. We were there with the entire Birmingham zone so it was packed but that’s the best way to have it! I got to see brother (einfelt) ****** from Bessemer also so that was great! J After the temple I went to the Birmingham area with elder Ingersoll from alpine ut and elder sablan from Seattle WA. It was great to be able to go with them for a couple days and work in their area they are two great missionaries! So while I was down there we were biking out of an apartment complex and a huge German Sheppard came running after us I thought I was a dead man! But I peddled as fast as I could on the bike! And started passing the other two! But he stopped after a bit probably got tired but man was that close! Friday we came back and had district meeting about obedience to the mission rules and how to begin teaching. I have seen a huge difference from when I have strived to be exact obedience and when I have just somewhat tried. We had our ward Christmas party Saturday morning at 8 just had breakfast and some skits! It was different than a dinner but still worked out. Had some bad weather this weekend just rain and wind nothing too bad and the tornado last week was about 8 miles from us so we are fine J misty’s ***** baptism was great we had a less active we have been working with baptize her and they were both stoked! So hope we can get him on a mission and hope the rest of misty ****** family will come around! The library is closing at 6 tonight so we have to be off at 530 so please don’t use names for the blog! J And sorry we probably won’t get to e mail back and forth! What time we are skyping let me know! Love yall! And dad keep checking my card cuz I have been spending a little money!
Elder Anderson!

Ps thank you for all the Christmas cards and pkgs I have been getting I hope to be getting more! Haha and happy b day aunt tam!!!!

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